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7 Must Talk About Topics

By Soudfa's blog team

If you found your perfect match that share the same interest as you and there’s an easy interaction between the two of you. But before your relationship gets any further, here are some subjects that you have to discuss to get a better view of the other person, see if you are on the same page, and maybe stand a future together.

Keep in mind that communication is the key to every successful relationship.

1- Future ambitions

It is important to know the plans of the other person in order to get a clear vision of the future for both parties. Difference in plans and life goals is one of the obstacles that can face a relationship. For example, one of the parties may want to finish their studies, focus on their career or move to another country.

2- The meaning of marriage

The concept of marriage is one of the important topics. You may have different views of marriage. Some see the marital relationship as a white dress and a big wedding and others as a duty in order to please the family and avoid pressure. Discussing and building a common view will help you maintain a healthy relationship in the future.

3- Qualities searched in a partner

During the first stages of a relationship, do not hesitate to ask what they look for in a partner. This way you will have a good idea as to whether or not you two should take things further. Of course, do not make any rash decisions if you do not fit the mold entirely.

4- Having kids

The discussion of this topic is very important, contrary to what some believe. The question depends on the situation of the two parties. The future partners should agree and choose the best solution for them. Some might see kids as stop to any future projects while others consider them a logical step after marriage.

5- Family interactions

Marriage is not a contract that brings two people but two families. Having a good view of what kind of relationship, your special someone holds with his or her family and relatives is very important. Whether or not they are close to their mom and dad, and so on. Family questions are a good way to determine how their family has shaped them and whether or not their family structure is one that you would eventually be welcomed into.

6- Hobbies and free time

You will want to know what type of activities this person likes. Maybe, you two will have some interests or hobbies in common. If you do, it is a good sign that things can hopefully grow into something more. Also asking about the habits he has. This will allow you two to have a little bit of fun with each other while still learning something useful. Who knows, maybe you two both have a bad habit that you can work on fixing together.

7- Health problems

It might be an unimportant subject for those without any health issues. However, in case one faces a problem, they should be honest and discuss openly their physical condition. Nobody would appreciate those kinds of unexpected surprises. Express yourself, explain your situation and leave the choice to the other person. Do not make decisions for them.

Meeting people online instead of traditional face-to-face interaction takes away a variety of intimidating factors and is like a wall you can stand behind while you grow more comfortable with a person. Take advantage of that opportunity and discuss subjects that will put you half way in your decision.