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5 Mistakes Beginners Always Make in Relationships

By Soudfa's blog team

So, you have gotten past the initial getting-to-know-each-other stage and you are now in a "relationship''. This can be the best or worst part of your life depending on how you proceed. Here are five tips for you to avoid falling for the common mistakes that people new to relationships fall into.


The key to happiness is to get at some point content of what you have. We are all humans and we all make mistakes. If you keep putting all kind of high standards for the perfect flawless partner, you are bound to be disappointed. It will simply result in frustration and anger because the person you are with will be nowhere near your fairytale picture. Keep your expectations near to the ground and wait to be surprised.

Lack of communication

Expecting the other to be a mind reader and getting mad because they did not answer to the wishes in your head is one of the worst mistakes that beginners fall in. It is so frustrating to leave it to the other to read between the lines and go though all the events to be able to guess what would have made you mad. Talk about how you feel and what you want clearly, honestly and calmly. Communication is the key word: Things get better when people are willing to acknowledge them and talk about them.

Controlling your partner

Many of us have either control issues or things that the other person does, which drives us crazy. Both ways the result is the same we feel the growing need to correct the other and tell them what to do every single minute. For your relationship to work in a healthy manner you have to understand that your partner is a grown adult and to treat him/her like one.

Being too codependent

If you spend every single moment of your life with your partner, you will end up losing who you are as an individual. You will find yourself needing your partner's feedback and approval for every decision you have to make. A relationship is a source of support in life, but it should never turn into a handicap through over emotional attachment. Keep your freedom even in a very loving relationship because relations are delicate and at times, some things are best done on your own.

Keeping secrets from you partner

One of the good habits of an open communication is to not keep secrets from your beloved. Some will argue that not everything is worth sharing and mentioning and while it is true, that is not the case about a secret. You know it is a secret when you feel guilty and go out of your way not to talk about. In this case it is best to just face the subject full on and get it out of your chest the sooner possible. That way you build trust and maintain a very clear relationship.