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Advices for a Happy Marriage

By Soudfa's blog team

Marriage is a long journey of good and bad times. Every couple faces challenges and problems during their life together. When they are faced with those problems, they need some advice to navigate them and help them live a happily ever after lifetime.

Here are some advices for a happy marriage


Many married couples forgot how important it is to be close and to keep the good treatment and communication. They forgot all about it after marriage. However, staying in love and maintaining a close connection through the years is key in a relationship. To have deep meaningful conversations, learn to listen to each other and always give each other compliments. Share what you feel with your partner and do not wait for a special occasion to do it. Staying in touch with your feelings is what makes the relationship stronger. Good communication will help you get through fights and troubles.

Have fun together

Experts say successful couples that enjoy each other's company are more connected, and live a happier life together. Therefore, we advise couples every once in a while, to spend relaxing and fun times together far away from the home responsibilities and family duties.


Respect is very important in the relationship. Respect means paying attention to what you say to your partner, respect his/her feelings and not disregard their opinion and think less of their point of view. We may joke about our loved one's imperfections and think that it is no big deal, but in fact you have to avoid speaking negatively about your partner in public. Because we do not know how deeply, such a discussion might hurt their feelings and create emotional wounds.

Stay close to your family in-law

They say when you get married, you do not marry just one person but you also marry they family. Therefore, couples have to build a good relationship with their family in-law. It means sometimes making an efforts to connect with them and look for something in common with each other. Having a good relationship with them does not mean to let them dictate your private life. You have to keep your private life exclusively for you. Do not share everything that happens in your relationship with the families. Your loved ones may want the best thing for you, but too many advices or helpful behaviors may affect the dynamics with your partner. Besides, do not ask them for opinion before asking your partner, your partner will feel that his opinion is not important. Such negligence could lead to big problems in your dynamic so make sure to avoid it.

A happy marriage is the dream for every couple. The key to maintaining a good and healthy relationship is to keep the communication open, fair and honest. Never shy down for taking the extra step to improve your relationship and make your partner happier.