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Love Only for the Lucky Ones

By Soudfa's blog team

Many believe in a happy loving relationship, but less think that this relationship will last. More and more people consider that happy ever after, is just a fairy tale, that reality is an ugly story and relationships are doomed to fail. Personal experiences with your own or other people’s relationship failures and all the media sordid stories, songs and movies about love gone wrong, nourish cynicism. Fewer believe that two people can be together forever, and be happy.

How will you organize yourself to find and love a life partner if you are not even sure it can last?

This cynicism has to be substituted with accurate information.

Replace those untrue thoughts with the following fact based realities.

1- Marriage or divorce?

Happy marriages are the rule not the exception. The percentage of marriages is higher than divorces. Even with a high rate of divorces in some countries, still more than the majority get married and stay together. Lifelong love is normal not rare, couples form a lifelong bond and they are usually happy. Even those who divorce remarry again, because marriage is a renewable continued common act. People will keep getting married; true some of them might grow miserable and not stay together but most will cherish their joined life and keep it going.

2- Smooth sailing all the way?

Having a lasting good marriage is one of the few things that can have a very positive impact in your life. A single solid marriage make people far more happier and satisfied than wealth, fame, career or many other things we set at the top of our dreams.

Through the years, couples tend to take the situation for granted and no longer appreciate how blessed they are. During the course of a marriage, it is not sweet roses all the time. Boredom, routine, unexpected life situations may change our hearts. The good news are that those we have loved, we can usually fall back in love with. For instance, in one study, 86% of people who had stayed married through a period of unhappiness were happy again within five years.

3- Luck and marriage?

You cannot expect a happy solid marriage to be the result of chance and good luck. Finding and keeping love is a series of positive actions. It is something that you learn and practice every day. Each partner should be working towards making a better marriage. A perfect marriage will never be achieved but with faith and a strong mindset, your relationship can survive good and bad times.