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Stages for a Love Relationship

By Soudfa's blog team

It has been a good start and you are building a deep connection with a particular member. More and more exchanges are made and every time you are charmed. This might the start of an amazing journey. Even though there is no magic recipe for a successful relationship, going through the following four steps helps you outline a solid base for a strong love bond.

1- Trust:

Trust is the key to a blossoming relationship. First and mainly, the trust journey starts with confidence. It is important to be aware of your own strengths, weaknesses and limits. Trusting the other with all your life aspects is the sign that your relationship is shaped the right way.

2- Declaration of love:

A relationship cannot progress without an expression of feelings. Many questions arise: Is this true love? If I admit my love, will things change between us? What if is it the wrong time? This step is not obvious or easy but talking about feelings is a necessary step to build a healthy relationship. Such talks must be sincere and honest.

3- Communication:

So, you are in love! Nothing and no one will disturb your heaven. Gradually, the intense feelings give room to more mature feelings. We realize that our perfect angel has flaws and imperfections like any human being. This is where the tensions start: Fears and doubts appear. It is important that positive communication hold the biggest part of your relationship dynamics. Every couple has their ups and downs. Through effective communication, you overcome several misunderstandings and take the time to understand each other.

4- Future plans:

You have overcome the first obstacles and crossed from the intense relationship to a more realistic one. You are still in love and full of confidence in the future. These feelings lead you to build projects together. The desire to create your own space and have common things together: Your relationship progresses positively over time.

A relationship is a growing mechanism. As obvious, as those four stages might be, being aware of them and managing each one correctly is the key to a happy lasting relationship.