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Telling the Family

By Soudfa's blog team

Letting the family know about your online relationship can be one of the challenges that online couples face. To convince your family about someone you met online and have them support your decision can be difficult but is definitely not impossible. In this article, we’ll provide you with two strategies on how to deal with it.

A direct approach

Honestly and directly, get to the point. Explain your point of view and the whole situation as it is. There are two points to keep in mind:

  • Firstly, you might get a lot of opposition at the beginning, so you have to be very sure about your decision in order to show everybody that it is the right call to make and not some silly game.

  • Secondly, you have to convince your family with hard proof that you decision is well founded. Tell them everything they need to know about that person such as their personal information, so that they can make a background research as they would have done if it were through the traditional way.

An indirect approach

There is no doubt, the direct way is better and less stressful in the long run, but sometimes your family is just not ready for such a direct announcement. In that case, you can go through an indirect way such as a mediator. A mediator, can be a family member or a friend, who can present the person to your family as a friend of his or hers. The mediator has to convince the others that he or she was behind your initial meeting and introduced you to each other. You can be very creative in finding the proper way to present your relationship to the family and find the right way to be together with the person, the mediator is just one solution among many.