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Happy Wife Happy Life

By a blog participant

We’ve all heard it before and we like to jokingly use the phrase whenever it fits a given situation. But have we ever sat down and thought of the true meaning of this statement?

I am a wife so I could easily just sit back and use it as an argument but I’ve been debating with myself if this statement is really beneficial to the marriage. Here’s my own thoughts about it:

Who does it benefit?

If you think about it, it portrais the husband as a person who is afraid of conflict and who is better off avoiding any conflict with his wife. But what is the most significant message, is that a man’s life is less miserable the more his wife gets her way. This statement is easy, because no conflict means no blame. But who does it really benefit if only one person in the relationship just refrains from being the unpopular decision-maker? A marriage is a team work. That means someone has to give sometimes and it can’t be the same person every single time. It’s a given that, that kind of actions is an effective weapon to kill a marriage slowly one day at a time.

The truth shouldn’t hurt

So, would the wife be happy if she got her way every time? I would like to expect the truth from my husband, even if it means that he is disagreeing with me. I once heard a Professer say, that if people are not surrounded by other people, they will become mentally unstable, because we all need to be guided in what’s right and what’s wrong. And we can only do so, if we are told if/when we are wrong by the people, who loves us enough to tell us the truth.

So, to all my fellow sisters that are married: Remember to cherish your husband even when he disagrees with your opinion and always try to look at the situation from his point of view. Yes, they can be annoying but at the end of the day, there’s a reason why we fell in love.