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Why Should I Put God First?

By a blog participant

We are taught that if we put our spouses needs before our own, it will result in a happy marriage and the children will be exposed to a loving family and a positive way of treating each other. This is a fairly accurate statement

But I believe that we will experience an even more useful effect, if we don’t put our husband/wife first, but instead decide to put God first in our marriage. This is my reasons why:

God will connect us

Life happens. There will we good times and bad times. But if our stating point is always to seek God together, we will connect on a spiritual level. Pray together in the good as well as the bad times, and you will create a stronger bond together.

Doing the right thing

We all have doubts when making an important decision. Especially when you are making a decision for your whole family. But if you choose to ask for guidance from God and have faith in what is written for you, your calm demeanour will have a positive effect on your spouse and children.

To love God is to love others

If you believe in God’s glory and learn to cherish it, you will lean to cherish the good in other people. When we see the good in other people, we are more likely capable of pointing it out and giving compliments. If we focus on complimenting our spouse in what they are good at, we will create a more caring space filled with warmth and love.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on Soudfa's blog. I hope my words will inspire other couples to reflect on how the glory of God can help build the best foundation for the greatest family values.