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Are your fluent in love language?

By Soudfa's blog team

Have you ever thought about how to express your love? Or have you experienced that what you believe as strengthening factors in a relationship aren’t necessarily what your partner thinks? We express ourselves differently, which can transform en relationship into a mess of incompatible needs, if neither one of you speaks nor understands the same language of love.

That’s exactly why it’s a perfect idea to learn the five forms of love language. Not only to understand yourself but also to understand your partner. That way, you’ll be able to navigate your way through the expectations and needs in your future relationship. Get wiser right here:

1. Sweet words

You need to get confirmation through sweet words and praise from your partner for you to feel more loved and appreciated. Small sweet compliments go straight to your heart. In the same way, you’re hit hard if you get criticism or are spoken to in a degrading way.

2. Acts of service

You love it when your receive favours. Whether it’s doing the dishes, helping you with something you’re struggling with, or asking about what you need to get fixed, this language is what lifts you the most.

3. Closeness

Hugs, kisses, and general intimacy is important for you. You need a physically close bond with your partner and simply cannot keep your hands off each other. Your favourite activity is simply being close and holding hands.

4. Presents

You love the symbol of receiving a gift but just as much, you love the time and energy which was put into finding exactly what would make you happy. It’s the work that has been put in and the thought behind you appreciate most when you open your gifts with great enthusiasm.

5. Quality time

Focused attention is what makes you feel loved. You need your partner to be present and spend their focused time on you, without interruption from phones and other tasks. In other words, you need quality over quantity.

One shouldn’t exclude the other. In fact, most people prefer all the points as part of the relationship. But maybe one of them can describe as your primary love language and what’s important to you. Think of it as a starting point and then you can easily learn the other languages ​​from there.