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5 Truths About Your Happiness

By Soudfa's blog team

Why does the road to happiness seem to be such a tangle? The apparent truth about happiness can be a difficult pill to swallow. Many of us fall into the classic trap, and let our inner happiness be defined by external things such as people, material goods, work, and experiences. But those thoughts are like an anchor, holding you back from the path to inner happiness. That’s why we’ve gathered these facts for you. If you can acknowledge them, you’ll make it easier to move your emotional life in a positive direction on your own:

1. It is nobody's responsibility to make you happy

Letting go of the ability to see your own worth is a direct ticket to a meaningless existence. The wait will even be endless if you assume it’s the key to the answer. Therefore, you should never expect external factors alone to make you a happier person or something that can change your life for the better. It is your own responsibility.

2. No one owes you anything

You are the managing director in your own life and solely responsible for reaching your dreams. There’s no doubt that a helping hand is appreciated and a great bonus. But it’s just an additional boost on your journey towards the goal, and should therefore not be defined as the only means to make your dreams come true.

3. Falling in love with an idea rather than reality does more harm than good

It's amazingly easy to daydream about how beautiful your reality could look like. There’s nothing wrong with putting your mind to achieve a dream scenario - after all, you deserve the best. But make sure it doesn’t blur your vision and cause you to overlook the red flags in a potential partner. Remember that actions speak louder than words and believe in them the first time they show their dark sides.

4. Not everyone sees the world as you

Everyone's view of the world looks different. Upbringing, backgrounds, and conditions mean that we all experience the world through different lenses. So be open and tolerant when you meet those you disagree with. You could end up getting wiser and if not, then it's okay to disagree as long as you communicate properly.

5. Love does not hurt

Whoever taught you to believe it has to hurt before it does good in love did not learn the lesson properly and instead filled you with a distorted image of the truth. It's quite simple: your relationship is not meant to drain you of energy - on the contrary, you need to be filled with it. So feel free to listen to what your emotional barometer tells you. Are you filled with joy? If not then you need to reconsider your outlook on life.