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  • Writing a Killer "About Me"

    Writing your personal description does not have to be difficult and complicated. This is your opportunity to describe in your own voice what it would… read more

  • How Information Makes You More Likeable

    Try picturing this scenario: You go out to watch a movie you know absolutely nothing about. At the cinema you come across two movie posters; One blan… read more

  • Let There Be Conversation!

    Making conversation is, despite popular opinion, actually an art form. And as all forms of art, it can be acquired. And that is exactly what this blo… read more

  • The Name Is the Game

    You may look like a model or drive a fancy car, but that doesn’t really make that big of a difference if your Soudfa username makes you look like an … read more

  • Find Love on the Soudfa App

    By now you are probably aware that Soudfa's specialty is connecting single arabs and muslims all over the world. Thousands of men and women have alre… read more

  • Password security

    Your account on Soudfa contains various information about you and quite a lot of your personal data. Therefore, access to it should be restricted to … read more

  • Online Safety Tips

    Getting to know new people online can be a fantastic experience. By following these simple safety tips, you can turn this experience into the sweetes… read more