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  • Telling the Family

    Letting the family know about your online relationship can be one of the challenges that online couples face. To convince your family about someone y… read more

  • Deciding to Get Engaged

    Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? When you marry another person you also marry their family and their culture. That's why yo… read more

  • Meeting for the First Time

    The waiting, the expectations, and the excitement of finally meeting the person that you have been talking to for weeks or even months can be overwhe… read more

  • Keep a Positive Mindset

    It’s a rough world out there on the web. Here’s some things to keep in mind, when your online matchmaking seems to be going nowhere. Your optimism wa… read more

  • How to Handle Bad Dates

    It happens to all of us... It might seem like pure magic while chatting online but when it comes to the real world, you may realize, it’s just not th… read more

  • First Date Nerves 101

    It’s go time! Your date is on but so is the all dominating nerves. We would like to help you with that, so here a little guide as to how to deal with… read more

  • 5 Signs She Likes You

    It's on like Donkey Kong! You’ve matched on Soudfa, so the initial interest is obviously there, but how do you actually figure out if she’s really in… read more

  • How to Impress Your Family in Law

    So, you’re meeting the family in law? Like every single person in history, you want to make a good impression. We’ve created this little guide, to ge… read more