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Profile picture

One of the most important elements in your profile can be summed up into one word: Photos. A profile with photos gets nine times as many visits as a profile without. You use your photos to share even more about yourself and make your profile as successful as possible. The first photo you’ll upload on Soudfa is your profile photo. After you’ve uploaded that, you can upload up to five more photos to create your personalised photo album. The photo album will be the focus of the next guide. For now let’s look at the do’s and don’ts of the profile picture.

The essentials

The profile picture is the photo associated with your profile and will appear next to your name in the search results and in the match function. What you need is a recent, high-res picture where your face shows clearly and just like that, you have the perfect profile photo.

What to avoid in a profile picture?

  • It might seem obvious, but any photo that doesn’t depict you, like a photo of a celebrity or a friend is not meant to be used as your profile picture. A fake photo makes your profile seem unserious and untrustworthy, and will really damage your chances for success. No one wants to contact a profile which seems fake.

  • Unclear pictures, a picture where you face is not visible or far away is rather useless as a profile picture. Also avoid photos with hats, sunglasses or too many design motives.