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Photo album

You may think that you have a very good reason for not sharing your photos. Whatever you may think, you don’t. What you always must keep in mind is that you’re beautiful just the way you are and the fact remains that members without photos get very little attention on Soudfa. Such it Therefore by choosing not to publish your photos, you will greatly reduce your chances of meeting wonderful people on Soudfa. As mentioned before, when you upload the first photo, that will be your profile picture (See profile picture), afterwards you can upload up to five additional photos to create a photo album. Creating a photo album will be the focus of this article.

Photo albums on Soudfa

The album is where your uploaded photos go. It is a quick and easy way of communicating more about yourself. Uploading as many pictures as possible is without a doubt the best way to get a large number of interests. A profile with many photos is reassuring, diverse and eases the interaction. So do yourself the favour of adding as many photos as you can.

Choosing photos for your album

Unlike the profile picture where you only have to focus on a sharp capture of your face, the album photos gives you the opportunity to share many aspects of your life. For instance holiday pictures, work pictures or any other aspects of your life.

  • Wear colors, it will make your photos stand out and the viewer will see you as a colorful and joyful person.

  • Be creative in presenting yourself and go for photos that can trigger a conversation.

What to avoid in an album photo?

  • Pictures taken from far away. You should always be the focus in the picture, the setting is there to compliment you not to take away the focus from you.

  • Too much or too little light. Bad lighting or a glare can make it nearly impossible to recognize you. Steer clear of pictures like these when choosing pictures for your photo album.

  • Violent or rude content. Is not really the easiest way to make new friends by having those kind of pictures. You are here to meet new people so it’s rather essential, that your pictures do not scare other members away with an aggressive or impolite attitude.