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  • How to Handle Bad Dates

    It happens to all of us... It might seem like pure magic while chatting online but when it comes to the real world, you may realize, it’s just not th… read more

  • Accidentally Matching with a Co-Worker

    Our match function can take you the strangest places near or far. Even into your place of work. You’re a fan of our match function. We are pretty hap… read more

  • First Date Nerves 101

    It’s go time! Your date is on but so is the all dominating nerves. We would like to help you with that, so here a little guide as to how to deal with… read more

  • 5 Signs She Likes You

    It's on like Donkey Kong! You’ve matched on Soudfa, so the initial interest is obviously there, but how do you actually figure out if she’s really in… read more

  • Matching on Holiday

    We love our holidays. They renew our energy and helps us relax from our everyday life. So why not use the calm feeling of relaxation to look for love… read more

  • Choosing the Right Marriage Site

    So, you’ve decided to give the quest for love online a go. But where do you start your journey towards a happy nikah? It is a jungle out there, to pu… read more

  • Matching on the Go

    The gift of Soudfa amongst other things is that we’re with you everywhere. Even in your daily, rather boring commute. But sometimes something boring,… read more

  • Match! but What Now?!?!

    Ding ding ding! You got a match! You would rather love to get to know the other person better, but how do you go from match to contact? Not to worry … read more