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  • Not Receiving an Answer

    You have successfully created your account and you have come across some interesting singles. You decide to communicate with them, but when you have … read more

  • What is a Misyar Marriage?

    The Misyar, Nikah Misyar or marriage Misyar is a marriage that follows the normal contractual procedure, but with the specificity that the husband an… read more

  • Online Frauds

    You can meet lots of interesting people through the internet. Of course, there are risks connected with being social on the internet. Millions of hon… read more

  • Email Security

    When you sign up with Soudfa, your personal email is one of the basic informations that you are required to provide. Your email account serves two pu… read more

  • Telling the Family

    Letting the family know about your online relationship can be one of the challenges that online couples face. To convince your family about someone y… read more

  • Deciding to Get Engaged

    Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? When you marry another person you also marry their family and their culture. That's why yo… read more

  • Meeting for the First Time

    The waiting, the expectations, and the excitement of finally meeting the person that you have been talking to for weeks or even months can be overwhe… read more

  • Topics to Chat About

    Are you tired of boring and meaningless messages in your chat? Well, your new match is excited about your interests and it would be a lie, if you sai… read more